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Making an Appointment

Booking Guide:

  • Our preference is that you use the online booking option via the buttons below: it is easy and will give you the best overview of appointments that are available at your preferred location, with your preferred Osteopath and at your preferred time. If for any reason you have tried and have issues booking online please email to contact us.
  • If you cannot find your preferred time/day or hope to come in sooner, please book yourself in at the best time that is available and send an email to let us known that you wish to be placed on the Wait List and your preferred time/day. Please Note: you will still be booked in at the time you originally book for, we will reschedule you if a time becomes available and you are moved from the wait list!. Our diary is ever changing and we end up accommodating most requests as long as we know!
  • New Patients will receive an email after making an Initial Appointment asking to complete an online New Patient form, please take 2 mins to do this before arriving!

Booking with Joel Bell

If you have been referred to Joel Bell by your Clinician/Health Care Provider you may skip the booking information below, please book online using the buttons below for an Initial Consultation.

If you are considering booking and Initial Consultation with Joel without a clinical referral please note:

Joel Bell accepts new patients who have not been referred to him by another Clinician/Health Care Provider, however, he rarely has the diary capacity to take on patients for longer term treatment unless the complaints requires his specific expertise in combining Osteopathy and Sports Podiatry.  If you choose to book an Initial Consultation with Joel please be prepared that after seeing you for the Initial Consultation and providing treatment and advice at this point you are likely be referred to one of our other fantastic Osteopaths to continue the care plan further.

Questions before Booking?

Please check our FAQ page, any remaining queries can be: emailed to us